EDC and Pondstone

Five years of award-winning partnership

Pondstone has worked with EDC on a variety of corporate reporting projects since 2009 — including their 2011 Annual Report, which received the CICA’s Award of Excellence in Corporate Reporting.

Annual Reports

To develop online versions of EDC’s Annual Reports, Pondstone works with staff from EDC’s Public Affairs, Finance and Marketing, and Translation departments to create clean and intuitive sites that mirror the design sensibilities of each year’s printed Annual Report yet take full advantage of interactive web technologies. The online reports feature photo slideshows, animated graphs, video and optimization for mobile device viewing.

The 2011 Annual Report was honoured with an Award of Excellence in Corporate Reporting by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

EDC Annual Report websites by Pondstone:

Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

Following the success of the inaugural 2009 Annual Report website, Pondstone was asked to take EDC’s annual Corporate Social Responsibility report online, as well. Our EDC CSR Report websites feature all of the interactive and engaging elements of the Annual Report websites, including videos, photo galleries, and downloadable PDF files, as well as expandable content boxes and an interactive timeline highlighting key milestone’s in EDC’s CSR journey.

In addition to the online report design and development, Pondstone has produced a fully-designed, printable 8.5″ x 11″ downloadable PDF for each of the 2010, 2011, and 2012 CSR Reports.

EDC Corporate Social Responsibility Report websites by Pondstone:

Corporate Reporting Print Design

We’ve also had the pleasure of working with EDC on a number of print report designs, including an expanded version of the downloadable 2012 CSR Report and EDC’s 2014–2018 Corporate Plan.