Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You could have the best looking website in the world, but if potential customers can’t find you on the internet, you do not exist. You also can’t afford to get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wrong as it can easily have an exponentially negative impact on your business.

If an agency promises your company first page Google rankings in a few weeks, our advice is to run… fast. With Google updating their search algorithm roughly 500-600 times per year, agencies will not outsmart the algorithm. If Google suspects you’re trying to cheat, your punishment could be digital death—they will make you disappear.

Over the years, Google and other search engines have invested billions of dollars to enhance the user experience to ensure that people find the most relevant results for their searches.

To help our clients future-proof their businesses and maximize online Return on Investment (ROI), we employ an SEO methodology developed with our global partners that aligns with Google’s recommended best practices. This new methodology is called AdaptiveSEO™ and it is designed to adapt to the evolving and sometimes unexpected changes in search algorithms.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization provides the single biggest opportunity to positively impact the return on investment for your marketing dollars.

Most companies spend a fortune on advertising yet they never test and optimize their campaign landing pages for conversion performance. Testing and optimizing is usually the quickest way to turn failing campaigns into profitable investments.