Email marketing continues to be the most effective way of connecting with your audience. It gives you a considerable reach, full command of your messaging, and flexibility. It’s unfortunate that many brands continue to hold onto the email blast mentality of the past. No longer can you blast out a general message to your entire contact list. Instead, email marketing is all about creating useful and targeted content that your customers enjoy reading and anticipate arriving in their inboxes.

Creating thriving campaigns with a highly-targeted strategy.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes made by marketing professionals is to blindly send email campaigns to their customers with no plan. Having a targeted campaign for each of your customer segments is the key to ensuring your email does not end up in the trash bin.

To design a targeted campaign, you must have a specific goal in mind. This can range from wanting to build out your email list, or building brand awareness. Whatever your goal may be, it must be defined before you begin creating a campaign.

Generally, strategies for a successful email marketing campaign can be broken down into three different categories: relationship building, content and offers. In a perfect world, your campaign would incorporate all three.


The value of creating highly original content, positions you as an expert in your industry while also providing the opportunity for your customers or employees to add value to their own personal network by sharing your content. However, if you don’t have a targeted strategy in place to deliver that content in a way that allows for a solid ROI, creating high quality content will do little for driving sales.

Sharing some of your content publicly through social media gives your customers a taste of the value information you have created. Keeping the remainder of your valuable content behind an information wall allows you to capture important information from an otherwise anonymous visitor. Acquiring opt-in information, such as their name and email address, is essential for building your contact data base. As the customer dives further into your content and provides more of their information, you gain deeper information insights or even social shares.


Offers can be a wildly effective way of providing value to the customer, but they also run the risk of coming across as overly “salesy.” By shifting your message away from a sales blast and instead adopting a helpful voice, you become a someone who exists to solve a problem or address a void. In providing a strong value proposition, you give your potential customers a strong reason to buy and leave them thankful that you provided a solution. As you acquire more conversions driven by your offers, you can more accurately gain insights into the needs of your customers.

Relationship Building               

To take your email marketing campaign to the next level, it is integral that you utilize relationship. Now that your brand has created original content that is regularly being shared with your customer’s network, and you have provided offers to drive conversions and obtain customer opt-in information, it is important to learn as much as you can about your customer. You can communicate that you care about your customer by asking them to take a survey or provide additional information about their interests or preferences. You need to be a person to your customers, not a brand.